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Frequently Asked Questions


 Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I place an order?

    You can place an order by contacting your local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, gun shop, retailer or by calling Rick Campbell direct at (207)-899-3254. Please supply your dealer with a model, caliber, stock color, right or left handed stock and scope ring size, (1" or 30mm Low) or Picatinny rail (flat or 20MOA).

What calibers are offered in the Forbes Rifle?

    We are currently in production of the model 24B in calibers 30-06, 25-06, .270 Win, .280 Rem, 6.5x55, and 35 Whelen. And the model 20B in 308, 243, and 7mm08. Model 24B weighs around 5 1/2lbs and the 20B weighs around 4 3/4.
*Weight may very with different calibers and from rifle to rifle.

When will left handed rifles be available?

    We are currently in production and taking orders of left handed versions of all Forbes Rifle calibers offered.

Will stainless guns be available?

    Stainless guns are planned for release by the first quarter of 2015. 

Are there any other stock colors available?

    Current production guns are available in Charcoal Black, Hunter Green, and Coyote Brown, also we have 11 camouflage options including the entire Kryptek line, A-TACS, Wild fire, Muddy girl and Snow Ghost. Like us on Facebook at forbesriflelcc to see our entire line of stock color options, and visit the Forbes Rifle Store at for all your Forbes hunting gear and apparel. 
Please add an additional $100 to the total cost of the rifle for camouflage options.

Who makes the barrels?

    E.R. Shaw Inc. of Bridgeville, PA.


Is the barrel free-floated or bedded?

    All Forbes rifles are bedded the entire length of the stock and barreled action interface. This type of bedding dampers vibrations, increasing potential accuracy and yielding a more consistent POA/POI between projectile weights.

Do you work on or supply parts for ULA/NULA/Colt Light Rifles?

    All custom ULA, NULA, and Colt Light Rifle components can be ordered from New Ultra Light Arms, Granville, WV by contacting Melvin Forbes at 304-292-0600. For more information Check out NULA on the web at












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