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 Secret Rifle Unveiled

 Posted on October 20, 2011 by gunwriter
This is something gun writers do not get to do very often. Most of the time when a manufacturer offers a new rifle, several writers are whisked away to some place to hunt and try the rifle out. The end result is that they all end up writing about the rifle in a variety of different magazines. From a marketing standpoint this makes sense, it gives gun makers the most bang for the buck. In this case, it’s not what happened.

I called my buddy Melvin Forbes to tell him I was going to be hunting with Norma in Sweden. I asked Melvin if he had a .270 Winchester lying around that I could use. It just so happens he did but this is a brand new rifle – a production version of the model 20 New Ultra Light Arms rifle. A rifle that 20 some odd years ago set the lighweight hunting rifle bar so high, no one else has been able to reach it.

This is not a do-0ver of the plastic-stocked Colt Light Rifle. This is a production rifle that will wear the exact same – tougher than a coal miner stock – that all custom New Ultra Light Arms rifles wear. It is 100% made in USA and under the keen eye and guidance of Melvin Forbes.

One of my editors, Mark Keefe with the American Rifleman, will be reviewing this rifle in an upcoming issue. He has a BLOG post about it right now. I’ll be putting together an in depth look and range test of this rifle in another magazine. The good news is that it is here and you can own one in either the greatest big game caliber of all time – The .270 Winchester – or that other cartridge I despise – the .30-06. Cost? Half the price of a full-custom New Ultra Light Arms model 20!

The rifle has been blooded too. I can proudly say that I was the first human to take a big game animal with the new Forbes Rifle.

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